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What’s the worst thing you’ve been called? And how did that affect you? In our first issue, we talked about it.Our two cover girls have heard it all. Khalya (left) got pregnant when she was 14 and Lauren (right) was in an abusive relationship. In the magazine, they share their stories and how they were able to get through it.

First issue of HomegirlNYC mag.
First issue of HomegirlNYC mag.

Also in this issue:

What’s life like living with HIV/AIDS? Activist Hydea Broadbent shares her story.
How do you start your own business with teens in mind? Card designer Chauncey Holloman gives tips on not giving up.
Are there any female rappers worth listening to? “P Star” takes us into the studio and behind the scenes.
Can you make a career out of doing what you love? Poet Lo Anderson is on a mission to find out.
What’s it like being a homegirl in Hollywood? Actress Gabourey Sidibe shares her story.
What do you do when love hurts…literally? Hear real stories from girls who lived (and survived it!) and where you can get help.

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