The August issue of TeenVogue is on the way, and we’re here for the covergirls. Serving #blackgirlbeauty on seperate and a joint cover, Imaan Hammam, Aya Jones & Lineisy Montero are dubbed “The New Faces of Fashion.” And they are brown, brown, brown.

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So, who are they? And why did they make the cover? “Egyptian-Moroccan Imaan Hammam is a breakout star who landed a career-defining Givenchy campaign and her first Vogue cover. French-Ivorian beauty Aya Jones walked in an astounding 47 runway shows. And Dominican stunner Lineisy Montero kicked off her modeling career on the lauded Prada runway.” Oh hey, y’all…

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There’s more to Aya Jones (20) than meets the eye. Aya comes across as quiet and soft-spoken, until music comes on ~ especially Rihanna, Drake or Pharell. And she isn’t a “stereotypical” model. “I don’t like when I see really arrogant or pretentious models. I’m friendly. I say hello to everybody…”You see fake relationships between girls, but I’ve found good friends. They trust me, and I trust them. I’m sure about who they are. It’s not superficial.”

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Imaan Hammam (18) is a sneakerhead who speaks three languages.  “Sometimes people call me Middle Eastern, and I’m like, ‘No, I’m black.’ I am proud of my culture, proud of who made me, proud to be here.” She also supports other girls and leans on them for help. Her life is what some girls dream of, but she is careful to remain grounded. “I’m happy that everything is going well for me, but I will always remember the other stuff that goes on in the world.”

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Lineisy Montero, 19, is the new kid on the block, literally. She just recently arrived to the states and has a Spanish-English translator. She has a quiet confidence that shines through. “I’m comfortable in my skin…I just like being me.” Sporting her natural hair in an Afro in a Prada show while everyone around her wore straight hair? She didn’t think twice. She’s also very close to her family (especially her grandmother) and relies on her faith. “I had a flashback right before I went on the runway going back to a time when I almost quit and my grandmother told me not to doubt myself. She quoted this Bible passage: ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.’ If I hadn’t listened to her, I wouldn’t be where I am. So I just kept repeating it in my head. That, for me, was the turning point. After that I had no problem.”

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