Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day, or NAH depending on how you feel about the holiday.  I tend not to judge, since I think you can be planning a revolution while enjoying some bbq or fireworks or you could be talking a lot of ish on IG while not doing much else. So, the real question is Do you feel free? And not, what are doing to #getfree?  

Exactly a week ago, Bree Newsome, climbed up a flag pole on the state capitol grounds in Columbia, SC and took the Confederate flag down. She said, “You come against me in the name of hatred, repression, and violence. I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today.” This flag comes down today.


Photo credit: "Still", by Niall-Julian Watkins. 2015. www.slantnews.com
Photo credit: “Still”, by Niall-Julian Watkins. 2015. www.slantnews.com


Before that day, the news was filled with (not enough) stories about a white gunman who entered a SC church, sat for and hour, then opened fire on black churchgoers, killing 9 people. People were calling for the flag to be removed, but Bree wasn’t prepared to wait. The 30 year old North Carolina homegirl said,

“We removed the flag today because we can’t wait any longer. We can’t continue like this another day.”

This Fourth of July, however you feel about the holiday, maybe take a moment to think about the power of disruption. There was a quote I once read that said  “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” So if you don’t feel free, what are you doing to get yourself (and your people) there? And what are you willing to sacrifice?

Cause when Bree got to the bottom of the flag pole, she was promptly arrested. But when asked how she felt in those handcuffs, she said, “Free. I just felt so free….This feeling of transcendence when the system can put its cuffs on you and take you into jail, but you know that you’re free because you’re free mentally and you’re free spiritually. It seems ironic but honestly when I was throwing my head back and looking into the sky, I just felt so free.”

Speaking to Slantnews.com, she talked about really, making a decision and just doing it.

I didn’t know how to climb a pole until 2 days before I did it. I was absolutely afraid when I first made that decision, but I overcame my fear. So I would hope that the takeaway is that this can be done, you can overcome your fear. People working together, you can make a change. You can make a huge impact.You don’t have to wait around for politicians to decide between what’s right and what’s wrong.


So whether you’re celebrating Independence Day, or not celebrating because blacks weren’t free when it was signed, remember to never be afraid to disrupt ~ whatever narrative, stereotype, assumption, status quo, circumstance or situations doesn’t suit you. It’s your right and you are fully free to do so. Be safe.