Teen DJ Beauty and the Beatz poses in her Beats headphones

This teen DJ has brains, beatz and is business-minded.  At 14, she’s living out her dreams and inspiring other teens in the process. She’s got now & next.

What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s the question we all get asked before we even know what it means to “grow up.” But for one teen~ Sierra Roundtree, AKA DJ Beauty and the Beatz, the time to be what she wants isn’t in the future, it’s now.

Teen DJ Beauty and the Beatz poses wearing Beats Headphones | Photo credit: Valerie Robinson.
Go DJ! That’s my DJ! ~ Teen DJ Beauty and the Beatz is taking over. Photo credit: Valerie Robinson.

Born in Vegas, Sierra says she remembers wanting to be a DJ when she was around 5 or 6. When she was in the first grade, she taught herself how to spin by watching videos on YouTube. She started out on vinyl and kept growing and learning from there. Her style? Electonic dance mixed with hip-hop, but she can play any request with a little iTunes assist.

Four years ago, her parents moved to D.C. so she could continue to grow in her career, which they fully support (they make sure people in the industry don’t take advantage of her and even find her vintage equipment online). Over the years, she’s DJed for people like Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Meagan Good and Big Sean. She even performed at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House where she DJed for President Obama and the First Lady.

Other career highlights? In 2011, she DJed at D.C.’s Fashion Night Out & was named Betsey Johnson’s “It Girl.” She performs at clubs where she can’t even party and has provided music for Sony, Target, The Source, & VH1 Save the Music.

How does she manage a successful career AND still being a teen? Very carefully. When she’s out of town, she turns in her assignments digitally and when she’s in town, she plays basketball on her school’s team.

“Being young ain’t the easiest thing. #YourAgeDontMakeYouBetterThanMe”
~ DJ Beauty & the Beatz

What’s next for someone who has already accomplished so much? College after high school (she likes NYU) and continuing to grow~  “I will be DJing long-term, but I’m hoping to go into producing and also I want to be a business owner and have my own urban streetwear clothing line.”

Source ~ DCist.com