Cliffanie Forrester, 18, showcases her winning painting "Uganda" now hanging in the Met

What’s your goal in life? To be successful? Happy? Stunt on hoes? It takes most people years to accomplish their goals,  and for some it may take an entire lifetime. So, imagine what it would feel like to accomplish your life goal at 18. That’s what happened recently for one NY homegirl, teen artist Cliffanie Forrester.

An artist and a senior at the High School for Art and Design, Cliffanie also now has a piece of her artwork hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met – as in Met Gala- for short). Take a look ~

How’d she do it? She entered a scholarship contest “Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids” and won. Her winning piece, titled “Uganda,” will be on display at the Met until October of this year. So where did she get the idea for the painting? According to The Huffington Post, “she chose to paint this image after scrolling through some old photographs from her mission trip to Uganda with her church. “I saw the picture and felt inspired to paint it,”she said.”

So what’s next for her? What do you do when you’ve already achieved your life goal? You set another one and smash that, too. Cliffanie plans to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology & keep creating.

Cliffanie Forrester, 18, showcases her winning painting "Uganda" now hanging in the Met
Artist Cliffanie Forrester is living out her dreams | Photo credit: Cliffanie Forrester

“My next goal is to get another piece in a museum. I never want to give up my work.”

You betta… You betta… Peep her Instagram (& her bio: unapologetic black girl) to check out some more of her work. And be inspired to go after your dreams  – at any age.