Black Teen Girl Activists Take Social Media to the Streets

Teens are becoming activists around the country, because they refuse to be silent and young black women are leading from the front – taking conversations about the issues that matter to them most from social media to the streets. From Cali to Chicago, they are organizing, rallying & finding community support as they say “Black Lives Matter.”

Sacramento, CALIFORNIA

Hands up, mouths closed. Two teens – and recent high school grads- held a silent protest in Sacramento, showing that while silent activists may take a different approach, it still has a big impact.

“The hands are painted red to symbolize that the blood shed of all the lives lost is a community thing,” said Brianna Cormier, one of the organizers of #Standing4BlackLives, the hashtag for the event. “We all need to take ownership for it.”

Deja Isaac, the other organizer, shared this message with law enforcement – “I want you guys to know we’re not against you. We’re definitely on your side. We just want you to be on ours as well.”  Read more.

CHICAGO, Illinois

Four black teen girls organized a silent protest in Chicago’s Millennium Park and hundreds of teens and adults joined them.  The teens – Natalie Braye (17), Sophia Byrd (17), Eva Lewis (17), and Maxine Wint (16)- wanted to make a space where young people felt welcome, invited and encouraged to participate.

“I think a lot of time teenagers don’t feel that they’re welcome, they don’t feel that they are being encouraged to come on their own,” Sophia said.

Chicago teen activists start organize silent protest

Chicago, Illinois | July 11, 2016 | Photo credit: ColinBPhoto

It started with one text and turned into a major moment, with Asian and Latina, and white allies who came to show solidarity with other young people, their age. “People are always telling people our age to stay off our phones, but that’s how this blew up,” Maxine Wint says. Read more.

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