Marvel is having a #BlackGirlMagic Moment & It’s Lit!

Marvel is having a major #blackgirlmagic moments and we are here for it! Check it out~

The “Iron Man” series is introducing a new character: Riri (yes, Riri) Williams,  a 15-year-old black girl who will put on the Iron Man suit once Tony Stark puts it down. How? Well this brilliant girl is attending M.I.T where she reverse engineers one of Iron Man’s old armors in her dorm room.

Marvel showcasing some blackgirlmagic with new Iron Man character

Photo credit: Marvel

And the inspiration for this character? Well, turns out it comes from real life.

According to Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis – “One of the things that stuck with me when I was working in Chicago a couple of years ago on a TV show that didn’t end up airing was the amount of chaos and violence,” he said. “And this story of this brilliant, young woman whose life was marred by tragedy that could have easily ended her life—just random street violence—and went off to college was very inspiring to me.” Read more.

Dope, right? Well, it doesn’t end there.  Meet 9-year-old Lunella Lafayette –  the smartest person in Marvel Universe. Known as “Moon Girl,” this young, brilliant black girl is from Manhattan, rocking purple shades and some bomb Afro puffs.

Luna Moon girl is Marvel's blackgirlmagic

Photo credit: Marvel

Moon Girl is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. She is black girl magic.

Photo credit: Marvel

“There’s always been a healthy debate about which super-genius is the smartest. Is it Tony Stark? Reed Richards? Victor Von Doom? Hank Pym? Amadeus Cho? The answer is gonna shock the Marvel Universe when it’s revealed to be 9-year-old Inhuman Lunella Lafayette,” said Paniccia, one of Marvel’s senior editors. Read more.


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