Shanice Sinclair is the MinxBoss: Making Money & Turning Heads

Shanice Sinclair is the minxboss

She knows that I’m all about this $
Photo credit: Shanice Sinclair / @Minxboss

Shanice Sinclair is many things – blogger, graphic designer, naturalista, and entrepreneur,  as CEO of Minx Supply Company. How? Since she was a young girl, she’s had a knack for making her hobbies make money. In the eighth grade, she started making flyers for people (after teaching herself Photoshop) and charging for them. In high school, she wore a headband she made to class and, after a friend asked how much she would charge to make her one, Shanice began selling them. Now, she’s expanded and runs her own company selling headbands.

Teenpreneur Shanice Sinclair is the MinxBoss

‘Oh, I like your headband! How much is that gonna cost me now?’
Photo credit: Shanice Sinclair / Minx

Making money is one thing. Running a successful business is another. So how did Shanice learn the tricks of the trade? The old-fashioned way – from her family, which is full of entrepreneurs. Her mom owned a catering company and her aunt ran two nurseries. In addition to real live role models, she used what she already had access to and worked it to her advantage. She used her business as a study case for one of her classes and wrote a business plan, she took accounting in school and used that to keep good financial records and she used an Instagram account to market her business.

“The 19-year-old, who graduated Immaculate Conception High School (in Jamaica) last month, said when she started, she sewed all the products herself. She now employs two people to assist with production. On average, one production session will produce 50 headbands, all handmade.

“It could easily be 300 headbands in three days,” she said. “I like to have stock on hand because I do shows and fairs, etc.”

Sinclair makes headbands for all ages, as well as custom items by order.”

Teenpreneur Shanice Sinclair is the MinxBoss

‘Wow, I could actually turn this into something more’, so I decided to give it a name.” | Photo credit: Shanice Sinclair / Minx

Here are her top three inspiration quotes:

  1. “You have to build the time. Like take a hammer and nail, and build it.”

  2. “Sometimes it gets really hard, but you have to decide that, this is what is important right now. You have to plan ahead and do things based on how time-sensitive they are. That is how I started to operate.”

  3. “I just want to keep on pushing because people look up to me and people look up to the brand.”

Although Shanice is making money, she’s disciplined. She gives herself a salary every month and contribute to helping her family and has big plans for her future. In the fall, she will attend Howard University in Washington, DC and “her plan is to put together an efficient team to continue production locally, while she manages from abroad.” Like a boss, a #MinxBoss. Read more.

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