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There are lots of teen magazines out there and most promise the same thing – they want to help you be a better you (with better makeup, better clothes, and better hair so you can attract a better guy and live a better life). We get it. Really. But that’s not our lane. There’s so much more to you ~ and life ~ than that!

Wanna learn how to start your own business? Make money doing something you love? Talk about the issues (sex, teen pregnancy, dating abuse, street harassment) that affect your life? Hear stories about other girls like you who are living out their dreams? Discover new artists? Express yourself? Well, this is the place!


Homegirl Mag is all about celebrating the beauty, brilliance & magic of teen girls of color~ join our movement! From your city, to your block and beyond. It’s where we showcase your life, your stories, your way. We say things that other magazines won’t and go where they don’t ~ to your city, your borough, your block and beyond. It’s where real girls share real talk and try to find real solutions to real problems. We don’t have all the answers (at all), but we want to have some fun trying to figure it out.

We’re in the Community!

Spelman College's Museum of Fine Arts (Atlanta, GA)
Spelman College’s Museum of Fine Arts (Atlanta, GA)
“A Seat for Me” event, hosted by The Dinner Table Doc (Brooklyn, NY)
#OurVoicesOurMovement 2015 Youth Summit
#OurVoicesOurMovement 2015 Youth Summit (Manhattan, NY)


RAD Live! @ Harlem Children's Zone
RAD Live! @ Harlem Children’s Zone (Harlem, NY)

8th Annual Sista 2 Sista Youth Summit

Girls Detention in NYC

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