Stopping Suicide: Latina Teens Fight for Their Lives

Latina teen who survived suicide attempts talks about the fighting for her life

Suicide. The word itself is scary, so imagine what teens who consider it must be going through or feeling. More and more Latina girls in NYC have thought about – or attempted- suicide. Here’s the story of one 16-year-old, Ymalay Rodríguez, who dreams of being a singer, but has tried to end her life several times. […]

Homeless Teen’s Life Isn’t Perfect but her 4.0 GPA Is

Student. Homeless. Cheerleader. Prom Queen. Graduate. At 16, Destyni Tyree has gone through a lot. Living with her family at the DC homeless shelter, she hasn’t had what some may think of as a typical high school experience but she made the most of her experience. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Classmate. Hard-worker. Inspiration. Instead of letting […]

DC Youth Speak Out at Teen Summit

On Saturday, DC Councimember Kenyan R. McDuffie, held a Non-Violence Youth Summit in SE DC. The Ward 5 representative designed the summit to be Youth LED and a place where the city’s young people could speak on topics that affect them and their communities openly and honestly. While there were several adults in the audience, […]

Sporty Black Girls are Having the Best Week Ever

It’s Monday. Need some motivation? Check out these sports superstars, who are winning championship games on the world stage, making history, and having a collective best week ever. “We were able to break the [mold] and win a lot of grand slams and change the face of tennis … when tennis was very dominated by white […]

Meet the Beautiful Mind Behind Natural Goddess Hair Pudding Who Used her Pain to Fuel her Passion

Joi Zakiyyiah Taylor, 19, has been through a lot of pain in her young life. Since she was 12, she’s suffered from several chronic pain conditions that require hospitalization for weeks at a time and two years ago, she lost her best friend and brother when he suffered a fatal aneurysm. But Joi, who says she […]

10 Things Every Teen Should Know About Dating Abuse

When talking about teen dating violence, sometimes a lot of the conversation comes from people who are much older than teens and from people who aren’t affected by it and haven’t been affected by it in a long time. So here are 10 things that teen community activists working on this issue through Love is Respect want […]

Love Is Respect & It’s Never Abusive

When Brittny Henderson was 21 she served on the National Youth Advisory Board for She shared with us her experience with dating abuse, why she got involved with educating others and what teens need to know. Tell us a little bit about yourself  and your experience with abuse. I grew up in sort of a small town […]

When High School Love Hurts & You Need Help

When Shania was 14, she found herself in a dangerously abusive relationship. Two years later, she shared her story of how she got out and her advice for others dealing with teen dating abuse. How did you meet? I was 14 and I met him in my high school in the Bronx.  The relationship was […]

15: In Love & In the Fight of My Life, FOR My Life

I grew up in a bad neighborhood in the Bronx,, in the ghetto.   I grew up around gangs, drugs, all of that. I was mature because my home situation wasn’t great, but I wasn’t fast. I was a Catholic School girl; I didn’t have my first kiss until 12. I was 13 when I got […]

When Love Hurts…Day One Can Help

What do you do when dating abuse happens to you? Or to someone you know? Where can you turn when the person you love hurts you the most? We spoke to Stephanie Nilva, Executive Director of the NY-based organization called “Day One” about how they can help. What is Day One and what does the […]