Black Teen Girl Activists Take Social Media to the Streets

Four black teen girls from Chicago are activists, leading Black Lives Matter protests

Teens are becoming activists around the country, because they refuse to be silent and young black women are leading from the front – taking conversations about the issues that matter to them most from social media to the streets. From Cali to Chicago, they are organizing, rallying & finding community support as they say “Black […]

Muslim Teens Making a Change with Slam Poetry

Muslim teen voices speak out

These four Muslim teens from Vermont have a message for people who fear, misunderstand or stereotype them – “Wake Up, America.” Teen poets Balkisa Abdikadir, Hawa Adam, Kiran Waqar, Lena Ginawi are part of a slam poetry group called Muslim Girls Making Change and they’re using their words to explore their identities, address their experiences & educate people about […]

Diverse Coalition of Teens Say Black Lives Matter

Anaheim Black Lives Matter protest

Black Lives Matter and not just to black teens. A diverse coalition of teens around the country are standing in solidarity and leading protests to declare “Black Lives Matter.” Lawrenceville, GEORGIA  “It’s been sickening. It’s been disheartening. I’ve had trouble sleeping most nights,” said 17-year-old Ephraim Kum. He and Danny Salas, 17, held a Black Lives Matter sit […]

Teens Tackle “Blackgirlhood”

On last Sunday, a group of teen girls spoke about #blackgirlhood, during the Uniquely You Summit‘s #WhatIKnowNow Brunch for women and girls. Meet the panelists: Moderator Khanya Brann (EIC of #fortheloveofblackgirls, Victoria Pannell (16) Known for her work fighting child sex trafficking, Leah Boyd (19) Leukemia survivor, Jazlyn Crawford (16) activist and world traveler, Noor […]

DC Youth Speak Out at Teen Summit

On Saturday, DC Councimember Kenyan R. McDuffie, held a Non-Violence Youth Summit in SE DC. The Ward 5 representative designed the summit to be Youth LED and a place where the city’s young people could speak on topics that affect them and their communities openly and honestly. While there were several adults in the audience, […]

This Independence Day, Remember to Disrupt : Freedom is Never Free

Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day, or NAH depending on how you feel about the holiday.  I tend not to judge, since I think you can be planning a revolution while enjoying some bbq or fireworks or you could be talking a lot of ish on IG while not doing much else. So, the real question is […]

Teen Prom Dress Design Star Continues to Shine

Prom is always a big deal – the final night of high school where you can get dressed way up, go out to a huge party, and just enjoy being young, beautiful and happy while your friends and family celebrate your moment. But I don’t ever remember prom being as big of a deal as it was […]

TEENS, Be Seen & Heard at 2015 Youth Summit 2015!

Homegirls in NY, the 2015 “Our Voices, Our Movement” Youth Summit is coming your way! Hosted by: Girls for Gender Equity, Sadie Nash Leadership Project, the Center for Anti-Violence Education & the Ya-Ya Network, this summit is all about you and being led by teens like you! Come and enjoy fun workshops, activities & learn […]

Love Is Respect & It’s Never Abusive

When Brittny Henderson was 21 she served on the National Youth Advisory Board for She shared with us her experience with dating abuse, why she got involved with educating others and what teens need to know. Tell us a little bit about yourself  and your experience with abuse. I grew up in sort of a small town […]

15: In Love & In the Fight of My Life, FOR My Life

I grew up in a bad neighborhood in the Bronx,, in the ghetto.   I grew up around gangs, drugs, all of that. I was mature because my home situation wasn’t great, but I wasn’t fast. I was a Catholic School girl; I didn’t have my first kiss until 12. I was 13 when I got […]