Stopping Suicide: Latina Teens Fight for Their Lives

Latina teen who survived suicide attempts talks about the fighting for her life

Suicide. The word itself is scary, so imagine what teens who consider it must be going through or feeling. More and more Latina girls in NYC have thought about – or attempted- suicide. Here’s the story of one 16-year-old, Ymalay Rodríguez, who dreams of being a singer, but has tried to end her life several times. […]

When High School Love Hurts & You Need Help

When Shania was 14, she found herself in a dangerously abusive relationship. Two years later, she shared her story of how she got out and her advice for others dealing with teen dating abuse. How did you meet? I was 14 and I met him in my high school in the Bronx.  The relationship was […]

A Bronx Girl’s Tale : Triumph After Teen Pregnancy

This article initially appeared in the first issue of HomegirlNYC mag. I grew up in a lower income neighborhood in the Bronx. It wasn’t the projects, but it looked like one—drugs, gangs, every possible negative thing there was, I saw it. But my home life was good. My parents have been together for like 30 […]